Gear Materials: Selection, Metallurgy, Heat Treatment and Quality Control

Milwaukee. Instructors Raymond Drago and Roy Cunningham of Drive Systems Technology, Inc. help attendees discover how both the gear design engineer and the gear metallurgist can better grasp their related, critical roles in the exciting world of gear processing, heat treatment and inspection. The gear design engineer is responsible for the initial selection of material and heat treatment, but the finalization of both material and thermal processing must be a joint effort. This seminar shows how the gear design engineer first approaches the problem of material selection and heat treatment technology, as influenced by the performance and life requirements of the gear set. It also shows how the gear metallurgist can participate in and thereby optimize the finalized gear manufacturing process. Interspersed in the course are examples of gear-related problems, failures and improved processing procedures. Analyses and comments on a number of relevant failures are given.

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