Seco to Offer Milling Solutions at Windpower 2012

   Seco  will be highlighting a range of solutions for wind power machining applications  at Windpower 2012, including the North American...

The North American debut of the 335.25 Disc Milling Cutter will take place at Windpower 2012.

Seco will be highlighting a range of solutions for wind power machining applications at Windpower 2012, including the North American debut of its new 335.25 Disc Milling Cutter. The company will exhibit its products in booth #7555 at the event, which takes place June 3 - 6 at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Designed for large widths of cut of 1" (25 mm), the 335.25 Disc Milling Cutter complements and extends Seco’s range of disc milling solutions. The new tool’s coated and hardened cutter body maximizes tool life, reliability and accuracy, and is available with integrated coolant holes. Inserts developed for the cutter feature positive geometry edge preparation to reduce cutting forces and improve chip flow, while a built-in wiper flat maximizes surface finish. A full range of insert geometries and grades ensures easy and productive application to all types of material, and the tool provides a versatile and flexible option for wind power manufacturers.

The  Double Octomill R220.48 face milling cutter will also be featured at the show. Providing high productivity in roughing and finishing operations, the cutter incorporates HSS pins to secure and position inserts, ensuring maximum performance and reliability. Available in inch and metric measurements with Normal, Normal+ and Close pitch options, the Double Octomill guarantees process security across a broad range of materials and machine capabilities.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn more about Seco’s Turbo Mill square shoulder cutters. These cutting incorporate a positive cutting rake design to reduce power consumption, increase tool life and enable the use of more aggressive cutting data. A coated and hardened cutter body minimizes tool wear and prevents chips from welding to the cutting body. Turbo Mill helical cutters provide similar benefits, with the added ability of handling increased depths of cut. The strong, thick inserts of Turbo Mill helical cutters are secured with TorxPlus screws and make maximum use of a machine’s power.

Seco will continue to focus on its gear gashing capabilities as well. Custom made for specific applications, these cutters include v-shape roughing cutters, roughing profile cutters and finish profile cutters. Insert grades crafted specifically for gear cutting allow these custom tools to fully address the unique needs of wind power or gear manufacturers. Attendees machining parts requiring large holes will take interest in Seco’s Bridge Bars and Jumbo BridgeBars for large diameter boring and grooving. These flexible, highly rigid cutters are available as standard products for bores of up to 7’, with special, custom solutions provided for even larger bores. 


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