Microprecision Offers New Gear Production Machines

Hemel Hempstead-based Microprecision, a specialist in the field of precision component manufacturing, is now exclusively distributing a h...

The range of gear production machines includes hobbers, shapers, shavers, deburrers and associated accessories.

Hemel Hempstead-based Microprecision, a specialist in the field of precision component manufacturing, is now exclusively distributing a high precision and cost-effective range of CNC gear-production machine tools from South Korean company S&T Dynamics. The range of gear production machines, which includes hobbers, shapers, shavers, deburrers and associated accessories, offers quality levels normally seen on top-of-the-range machines, but without the price premium. The company's faith in the capabilities of the range is reflected in the fact that it uses two brand new S&T machines in its own 20,000 sq ft precision-manufacturing facility; which it uses not only for its own advanced production, but also for customer demonstrations.

Indeed, before making the decision to act as a distributor, Microprecision made sure the machines could meet the demands of the aerospace industry - with extensive inspection and testing of machined components before they were shipped. Once the machines and the manufactured components passed Microprecision's exhaustive quality control standards the decision to distribute the machines was given the green light.

The S&T Gear Manufacturing range comprises: GHO-200, -350 & -500 CNC vertical gear hobbing machines, each with corresponding bed capacity. This is a powerful range of machines offering high-precision capabilities thanks to low surface pressure and high cutting resistance. With a Global User Data (GUD) resource, separate programming is unnecessary and gear production is easy - all that is required is the cutter specifications, the work piece specifications and the cutting conditions.

There are two GHO-200 machines installed at Microprecision in constant use and available for inspection and machining trials. Having the two machines in operation in the U.K. by the vendor means that any prospective purchasers can draw upon firsthand experience on set-up and operating procedures, plus the capacity to subcontract work and train operators on the machines before new machines are delivered onsite, aiding changeovers and ensuring any purchaser is up and running quickly and smoothly, with the ability to ramp up production progressively.

GSP Series CNC Shaping Machines are also included in the range; these three-axis shaping machines offer high-precision shaping thanks to high-strength columns and counter columns. They also offer reduced installation space thanks to a front-loading cabinet and the GUD environment for easy programming.

GSV Series CNC Shaving machines are next in the range; the 4.9 kW spindle motors and three-axis motion combine to offer power, easy operation and high precision. Like the two machines above, they also come complete with a magnetic chip separator to aid chip processing. The GSV range also uses the GUD environment for easier programming.

TCR Chamfering (Deburring) machines offer powerful cutting thanks to their high strength, high-precision cutting spindle. An inverter also gives them the capability to offer a variable speed transmission for optimal control of the work spindle and work slide. Convenience is improved with the simple arm-type control panel that allows the operator to adjust its position.

TCG Chamfering machines offer the same high strength, high-precision spindle, inverter control, and arm-type control panel as the TCR range. In addition, no separate change gear is needed thanks to the deployment of a settable split plate.

With clients across a great many industries, including civil, military, aerospace, medical, general industrial and motorsport, Microprecision is committed to quality and is happy for potential customers to come and see the machines working in a production environment. The company is also more than happy for customers to test the machines with their own parts prior to purchase.

If a client purchases a machine, Microprecision can offer training in a production environment, including part programs, tooling and product development. World-class service support is also part of the package, with preventative maintenance, breakdown cover and out-of-hours tech support.

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