IMTS Preview: Mazak

During IMTS 2012, visitors to the Discover More With Mazak booth (S-8300) will experience Mazak's most advanced manufacturing systems...

Mazak will demonstrate its Integrex i-630V at IMTS, well suited for the aerospace and other large component manufacturing sectors.

During IMTS 2012, visitors to the Discover More With Mazak booth (S-8300) will experience Mazak's most advanced manufacturing systems and solutions developed for overcoming the specific part production challenges unique to industries such as aerospace, medical, energy, automotive, heavy equipment and contract manufacturing. The booth will also feature kiosks dedicated to specific industries where attendees can consult with expert Mazak applications engineers to gain valuable manufacturing insight and ideas for improving turning, milling, five-axis and multi-tasking processes as well as learn how automation can further boost productivity. 

Advanced simultaneous five-axis machining technology is critical in the production of large, extremely complex aerospace components. Mazak is continuously developing new technologies for this industry segment, and at IMTS will demonstrate its Integrex i-630V Multi-Tasking Machine, which is one of many Mazak machines well suited for the aerospace and other large component manufacturing sectors. This Multi-Tasking Machine performs turning and milling and provides B-axis and C-axis capabilities. Its turning and milling spindles allow for full simultaneous five-axis machining.

At the show, the Integrex i-630V will operate in a fully automated manufacturing system that showcases the company's unique Multi-Tasking Automation Technology. The system will incorporate the Integrex i-630V and a Mazak Orbitec 20 Large Part Machining Center linked together with a Palletech Manufacturing System, showing manufacturers how they can combine different types of machining operations for Done-In-One production. The Integrex i-630V and the Orbitec 20 both utilize a common pallet size, allowing parts to undergo various turning operations on the Orbitec 20 then transfer over to the Integrex i-630V for completion without re-fixturing. Such automated manufacturing systems also provide flexibility required for shorter product life cycles, reduce in-process inventory and allow for just-in-time production.

For tough hard-metal machining of aerospace components, Mazak will also demonstrate its Horizontal Center Nexus 8800-II HM Horizontal Machining Center with Hard Metal (HM) package that equips the machine with a powerful high-torque spindle. The HM spindle delivers 6,000 rpm and 1,042 ft-lbs of torque for heavy-duty, high-rigidity cutting of tough-to-machine materials such as titanium and Inconel.

Manufacturers within the highly competitive medical industry require every competitive advantage possible to reduce design-to-market time so that doctors can quickly meet the needs of their patients. At IMTS, Mazak will demonstrate how it brings unbeatable manufacturing performance to the medical sector with the Vertical Center Nexus Compact.

Designed specifically for accurately and efficiently machining small, highly complex components, the Vertical Center Nexus Compact is a space-saving, high-speed, five-axis vertical machining center that meets and exceeds the medical industry's growing demand for lean manufacturing and precision. The machine, which is available in three- and five-axis versions, delivers the aggressive performance required for tough materials, such as stainless steel, Inconel and titanium. A high-torque 20 hp, 12,000-rpm CAT 40 spindle gives the Vertical Center Nexus Compact its power and versatility, and an optional 40 hp, 20,000-rpm spindle is also available.

Many of the components for the energy industry often require fast, accurate boring of large deep holes. To fulfill this need, Mazak will showcase its Quick Turn Nexus 450-II MY/LBB (Long Boring Bar) turning center at IMTS. The machine features an optional 40" long boring bar for rigid and precise deep-hole boring to depths of 31.5", and because the machine brings productivity and reduced cycle times across a wide range of long, large-diameter shaft-type part applications, it is well suited for the energy, heavy equipment and other large component industries. The machine's rigid construction also provides high-precision machining over long periods of time.

For improving part processing operations for virtually any industry, including contract machining, Mazak will present its Integrex i-200S Multi-Tasking machine for efficiently and accurately processing mid-size complex components using twin spindles and a milling spindle that generates as much power as spindles often found on vertical machining centers. Fitting into most facilities with its space-saving footprint of 157.1" x 110.2", the Integrex i-200S turns, drills, taps and mills, while offering off-centerline and full simultaneous 5-axis contouring. The machine provides Done-In-One capability as it incorporates all processes from raw material input through final machining in a single setup. As such, it reduces production lead times, improves machining accuracy and lowers operating expenses.

Many of the machining systems at the Mazak booth will also feature the company's new Mazatrol Matrix 2 CNC control designed specifically for optimized five-axis machining. Within the control are both enhanced hardware and software functionalities that make the control easy to use while also delivering high accuracy and increased productivity. Control hardware performance is much faster with higher speeds for small increment operation, and a five-axis spline interpolation function included in the control's software provides smooth toolpaths from long block-by-block programs, easy tool vector control and shorter cycle times as well as suitable five-axis surface finishes.

For IMTS attendees interested in learning how to better tailor Mazak machines to specific manufacturing applications, Mazak will unveil its 3-4-5 guide that helps identify the best level of technology for specific operations. In addition, attendees can learn about MTConnect, a royalty free open standard for communication with all types of factory equipment over an Ethernet network, and how that can simplify production system management.


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