Gleason Introduces Newest Hobbing Machine

The new Genesis 130H CNC vertical hobbing machine features a design that optimizes dry machining, reduces floor space and improves cycle ...


The new Genesis 130H CNC vertical hobbing machine features a design that optimizes dry machining, reduces floor space and improves cycle times.

This hobber is the first in Gleason’s new family of gear production equipment.The Genesis family of machines share a common platform: a single piece frame cast from an advanced polymer composite material, which can be made faster, more accurately and with core rigidity than conventional cast iron assemblies. According to the company’s press release, this platform design ensure a compact machine footprint and enables the user to install and re-locate the machine without special lifting equipent or special foundations.

Jim Gnadt, manager of product development for Gleason, says, "One unique feature is that the base unit is not cast iron. We’re able to offer much more thermal stability and vibration absorption by using a polymer granite combination."

The 130H hobber can accomodate wet cutting processes, but is also suited for dry machining. The work area is isolated from the machine frame to minimize thermal expansion from contact with hot chips and a stainless steel cutting chamber with steep inclination ensuring that chips fall completely clear of the work area.

The hobber is equipped with a mechanical cam-drive double gripper loader fully integrated into the machine.

Finally, the Genesis 130H utilizes a hob drive system to eliminate complicated mechanical and hydraulic clamping systems. Instead, a simple D-drive system enables the spindle to transmit more torque, with less runout and, at the same time, accomodate the use of larger diameter hobs for greater performance and longer tool life.

Additional features include the direct drive spindle motors, which further reduces setup and machining times by eliminating the need for mechanical adjustment and change gears. Higher acceleration/deceleration rates and increased torque, combined with faster axis motions reduce non-cutting time between cycle and increase productivity during machining.

"One of our most popular machine applications is the 125GH and it usually takes 4-5 seconds for loading and unloading. Now we’ve got it down to 2 or 2.5 seconds tops," Gnadt says.

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