Coord3 Introduces Universal CMM to North American Market

Earlier this year, Coord3 launched its all new ‘Universal’ line of CMM machines at the Control Expo show in Stuttgart, German...


Earlier this year, Coord3 launched its all new ‘Universal’ line of CMM machines at the Control Expo show in Stuttgart, Germany. Now, Coord3 Metrology LLC, headquartered in Wixom, Michigan is introducing the new European-manufactured ‘Universal CMMs’ to the North American market.

Coord3 CEO Angelo Muscarella states “since taking the company into private ownership three years ago we have focused on rebuilding our international distribution and engineering growth in the large CMM market segment. With the introduction of the Coord3 Universal bridge CMM, we focus the company into the highly competitive vertical bridge CMM market at a time when all of our major competitors are supplying an increasing array of cost-focused Chinese manufactured CMM units. The Universal CMM applies our ‘design-for-manufacture’ focus that dramatically reduces CMM assembly and calibration times and allows Coord3 to not only compete in global markets against low-cost China manufacturing operations, but also allows Coord3 to double our CMM manufacturing capacity, with a negligible increase in factory space or workforce.”

The Universal CMMs utilize a high-technology alloy moving frame design that provides the benchmark for dynamics and measuring accuracy performance. This design overcomes the issues associated with operating traditional granite CMM structures, in the typical, less than perfect, CMM operating environments. In addition, the Universal CMM introduces a wireless CMM thermal compensation system of both machine and part, allowing the measuring system to automatically and dynamically compensate for changes in the CMM operating environment. This system allows the CMM to perform with stated measuring accuracy between 16 and 26-degrees C. Gold-plated 0.1 µm measuring scales are free-floating in support tracks, eliminating any CMM structural changes from influencing its measuring accuracy.

The Coord3 Universal CMMs provide a highly rigid structural coordinate measuring platform, allowing the use of point-to-point, analog contact scanning and laser scanning sensors, making it suitable for full five-axis and gear measuring applications.

Universal CMMs have a very efficient design in terms of machine complexity which improves long-term reliability and ultimately cost of CMM ownership. The Coord3 Universal CMMs have an isostatic design for each axis that provides optimum machine geometrical alignment in the construction of the machine, which ultimately benefits the ability to make accurate field calibrations. Universal has a monolithic base-plate, with integral inverted dovetail guide-way, and a generous 90 mm (3.5 in.) x 90 mm (3.5 in.) Z Ram section. Direct axis drives, using toothed drive belts, provide the vibration-free motion with zero hysteresis.

Universal CMMs can also be equipped with an optional SZP (Safety Zone Protection System) which uses laser scanners to monitor the defined protection zone when the CMM is in high speed automatic measuring mode. SZP reduces the CMM speed upon infringement of the safety zone by an operator and automatically returns the CMM to its full measuring speed, only after the zone infringement has been cleared. The SZP system allows safe use of the CMM in a production, shop-floor and fully-automated applications.

The higher accuracy Nano Technology (NT) version of the Universal CMM that uses a silicon carbide Z ram and enhanced measuring scale system to provide higher speed enhanced scanning accuracy offering a 0.3 µm reduction in measuring uncertainty.

The Coord3 Universal CMM family of machines are currently available with measuring strokes for the X-axis of 1,500 mm (59-in.), 2,000 mm (79-in.), 2,500 mm (98-in.) and 3,000 mm (118-in.); Y-axis of 1,000 (39-in.) and 1,500 mm (59-in.); and Z-axis of 900 (35-in.) and 1,000 (39-in.) mm.

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