Marposs? Vertical Solution Provides a Smaller Footprint

The M57V bench from Marposs provides a smaller footprint that occupies less surface space than the company's horizontal solution, according to its press release.

Vertical loading of the workpiece eliminates part and structural deformation as well as bending in the reference centers and helps part dragging in dynamic applications. The bench is engineered for crankshafts weighing more than 6 kg, can also check camshafts, gear shafts, rotors and axle shafts and can be configured as a single or double gage station.

The bench gage is dedicated to the interoperational inspection of a single part type (or when no retooling is required) after end face milling, turning, pin bearing milling and grinding.

The workpiece is loaded manually or by a manual gantry between centers in the vertical position. Centers are fixed (static measurement) or motorized (dynamic measurement) and the measuring stations are brought onto the part by manual pivoting arms.

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