Leaning Quality Management System Documentation

Wyndham Glenview Suites, Glenview, Illinois. Many Quality Management Systems grow to the point of being un-user-friendly, overly complex, cumbersome and lengthy. By applying the tools and concepts behind Value Stream Mapping, 5S, and Quick Changeover, with the knowledge of waste types, case studies will show how to transform a company's documentation system into one that is more Lean. In many actual case studies, the length of a company’s documentation systems has decreased by 50 - 80% while still maintaining all value adding content. What results, is a Lean Quality System. What is eliminated is the junk, or the wasteful content, that does not add value to the system, including the abundance of redundancies. By using 5S, Red Tags, Quick Changeover, and Value Streams, we will show how the QMS can be more effective (adequate and efficient). Exercises will be included in this seminar as we Red Tag those parts of typical procedures that do not add value.  A case study will also be presented regarding the 5S-ing of electronic files for a customer service department to improve the order entry process. The relationship between identifying Lean opportunities, preventive actions, and the Internal Audit System will also be addressed. This course will be presented by Mike Micklewright. 

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