Alpha Gear's Newest Software Simplifies Selecting Gear Reducers

The Cymex calculation software from alpha gear drives Inc. uses a database of company products and 6,000 motors from various manufacturers. According to the company's press release, users simply enter their application data, and the software will immediately calculates the most appropriate drive train. Users can experiment with different load cases, varying the parameters and testing the preferred drive systems in detail. The software then compiles comprehensive technical documentation. Beyond the basic Cymex 3.0 Design Edition package, the Cymex 3.0 Motion Edition allows users to lay out a complete drive system with a mouse click. In the Motion edition, belt, volume, spindle, turntable and rack-and-pinion drives are pre-defined as standard applications. Additionally, arbitrary general load cases can be computed. Along the drive system, it is possible to output data at every one of the six dial gages (torque, number of revolutions, mass-moment of inertia, translations, etc.) to optimize the drive.

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