Star SU Acquires Marketing and Manufacturing Rights for Bencere Products

Winco Industries has acquired the marketing and manufacturing rights to a patented series of padded adjustable reamers and fine boring tools.

The patents, held by Bencere Ltd. of Oxfordshire, England, are for R-Max padded adjustable reamers and Quattro-Cut padded fine boring tools. Star SU will become the exclusive marketer of both products in North America and Winco the exclusive marketer in South America.

Star SU R-Max reamers can be utilized for close tolerance reaming of ferrous and non-ferrous parts. Production tolerances of 0.01 mm or less can be expected. The patented single clamping screw simplifies fine adjustments to size and back taper. Automotive and heavy equipment component part manufacturers utilize these tools for operations such as engine cam and crank reaming in both cast iron and aluminum blocks and cylinder heads. Additional applications, such as steering gears, housings, hydraulic pumps, control valves and cylinders, air conditioning, compressors, brake calipers and master cylinders, also typically require precision reaming.

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