Wenzel Presents WGT 280 at Control 2013

Wenzel GearTec presents at Control 2013 in Stuttgart the new WGT 280, the first model of a new generation of gear measuring machines in a...


Wenzel GearTec presents at Control 2013 in Stuttgart the new WGT 280, the first model of a new generation of gear measuring machines in a new industrial design. This extends the approved WGT series by a measuring machine especially for small gears and rotationally symmetrical parts.

With the new WGT 280 offers Wenzel a gear measuring machine for the fast and efficient analysis of small gears up to a maximum diameter of 280 mm. Because of its compact construction and small footprint it can be easily integrated into existing processes. The easy to access measuring volume allows a simple loading and operation of the measuring system. Therefore the WGT 280 is ideal for the use of automated loading systems.

The high precise rotary table can be loaded with parts up to 50 kg weight. Equipped is the WGT 280 with the Renishaw scanning probe SP 600 and allows the measurement of gears starting with a module of 0.5 as standard. For the accurate measurement of shafts the gear measuring machine can be equipped additionally with a tail stock. The WGT 280 allows measurements in a Z range of 500 mm.

Gear measurement in modern industrial design
“The developments in drive technology make precise and reliable measurements of gear components and especially gears mandatory. Drives of any kind have to be as efficient as possible. In future gears will still be of great importance.” Explains Heinrich Brüderle, responsible for the product series gear measurement at Wenzel Group, the decision to extend the WGT series by a smaller gear measuring machine especially for the requirements of the automotive industry.

With the new gear measuring machine Wenzel combines innovative technology and modern industrial design. “The main focus was on the consequent realization of the intention to create an explicit recognition value combined with an existing line character. The new image of Wenzel reflects in a precise and highly dynamic layout of the line which extends to material and color combination.” Explains Tim R. Wichmann, managing and marketing director of the Kaikai Company, Wenzel´s design partner. “Also a new approach is the 360°-Design. This concept is responsible that the machine looks designed from every side and overall harmonious. There is no back side which needs to be hidden.” Adds Christian Jaeger, managing and creative director of the Kaikai company.

Granite – the perfect material for measuring machines
During the development of the WGT 280 Wenzel focused on one of its core competencies. The base plate and linear guides are made of massive hard stone and finished by hand. The combination of granite technology and precise air suspension makes a gear measuring machine a durable and highly accurate measuring system according to VDI/VDE 2612/13 group 1. Furthermore the specially developed controller for gear metrology provides optimal 4-axes-control and high measuring performance.

The WGT gear measuring machines are equipped with a modular software package. The user is led intuitively through different input masks to enter parameters for part, measurement and analysis. Additionally the user is supported by different graphics. The basic package TGear can be individually extended by different modules for the measurement and analysis of different types of gears and shafts. This allows to set up the software optimally for every application.

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