Ingersoll Selects LC1200 for Tech Center

Ingersoll Cutting Tools has selected a Liebherr LC1200 gear hobbing machine for installation in its Rockford, IL. Technical Center (ICTC)...


Ingersoll Cutting Tools has selected a Liebherr LC1200 gear hobbing machine for installation in its Rockford, IL. Technical Center (ICTC). The LC1200 will demonstrate the productivity of Ingersoll’s indexable carbide tools for gear machining. Indexable carbide insert (ICI) cutting tools, including Ingersoll’s innovative two-start hobs and single-index gashing tools, offer more cutting edges, permit higher cutting speeds, and therefore greater cutting capacity for large module gears. The Liebherr LC1200 has special design features for ICI applications. Its rigid structure, 900 mm table diameter, and 45 kW (60 hp) spindle drive is a suitable platform for large cutting tools, permitting high metal removal rates. Liebherr’s new FK 3.3 hob head can handle tools up to 450 mm diameter, 540 mm length, and gears up to module 27 mm. Liebherr also offer a form-milling head for internal gear applications.

In the Spring of 2012, Ingersoll Cutting Tools completed construction of its new Technology Center on the campus of its Rockford, IL headquarters. The new Tech Center is equipped with state-of-the-art machines from select machine tool partners for turning, milling, hole-making, and now gear machining. The Tech Center will be used primarily for training seminars, testing, and product demonstrations.

“The Ingersoll Training Seminars have become increasingly popular over the past several years, and customers come to Rockford from all over North America to hear about and see the latest in metal removal products and applications,” said Chuck Elder, ICTC president.

“A key goal of the new Technical Center is to create a unique environment where customers can not only see the latest tooling and machining technology, but also participate in discussions with Ingersoll engineers and our machine tool partners to find solutions for their specific manufacturing needs,” Elder said.

Peter Wiedemann, president of Liebherr Gear Technology, Inc., adds; "We have a history of providing our customers with turnkey solutions in gear production and inspection. Having the LC1200 in Rockford allows Ingersoll to demonstrate and highlight the most productive cutting tool technology available in the gear industry, and gives Liebherr the opportunity to demonstrate the machine’s capabilities to our North American customer base."

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