Ovako Blanks Speed Production While Reducing Waste

Machining quality components from steel bar can generate large amounts of waste material, but with Ovako pre-components this waste can be...


Machining quality components from steel bar can generate large amounts of waste material, but with Ovako pre-components this waste can be significantly reduced along with all the associated savings on transport and stockholding. Often the amount of waste material generated in the machining of precision components is greatly underestimated. For example, 10,000 cuts from a 125 mm diameter steel bar can generate as much as 2 tonnes of swarf during the machining process. That amount can be dramatically reduced by using pre-components supplied to near net shape for the final precision machining, cutting production costs.
Ovako has developed a range of pre-components machined from steel bar in various degrees of finishes and sizes. This means material can be supplied to customers close to the final component size reducing transport costs and capital tied up in stockholding while the majority of swarf, usually generated in machining, remains at the steel mill.
A dedicated machining facility at Ovako, Hellefors, houses modern machines producing high quality pre-components to close tolerances from hot rolled, peeled, ground and drawn bar, available in a wide range of sizes and steel grades. Long or short runs can be accommodated to facilitate production optimisation and short lead times for customers.
Various finishes are available for the pre-components, to fit customer requirements, such as plain, sawn off, chamfered and centre drilled blanks as well as blanks with faced ends, particularly suited where reference surfaces are required.
Heat treatment is also an integral part of the company’s manufacturing process comprising a comprehensive resource in order to attain the correct properties required for the many different pre-components. Pre-components from Ovako are supplied packed and palletised with all the relevant details, including steel grade, heat number, size, length, weight and quantity. Where necessary, complete certification of the material composition and mechanical properties can be supplied.
Because of its ongoing automotive and rolling bearing material supply expertise, Ovako has tailor made solutions for just-in-time fulfilment of pre-component materials, where volume orders permit, including extensive logistical specialisation on transport routing and delivery controls. Full ISO Total Quality Management is central to the company’s manufacturing and supply operations with full traceability from raw material right through to customer supply. Specialists at the company’s strategically located sales offices work closely with customers on specification, selection and supply of the most suitable pre-components machined to best suit individual applications.

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