Bryant Offers Miniature Grinder

The new Bryant Miniature precision grinder (Model RU1) with standard 4.0 inch (100 mm) travel in both “X” and “Z”...


The new Bryant Miniature precision grinder (Model RU1) with standard 4.0 inch (100 mm) travel in both “X” and “Z” axis, brings a whole new dimension to small precision part processing. This machine is suitable for small parts manufacture, including optical and medical applications as well as bearings, fuel management and automotive requirements. Within the 64 cubic inches (1048 cubic centimeters) work zone, there are unlimited processing opportunities including conventional chucking for ID and OD grinding, between center workholding for multi-surface OD shaft work, roller blade fixture for ultra-small and thin walled parts, shoe fixture for ID and OD, bores, ball tracks and special applications, tri-roll fixture for long thin walled parts, dressing options including: single point, high frequency (cup or disk), radius (ball tracks), formed roll and CNC profile dress, loading options including double/single arm plug, bucket, single plane and robotic, acoustic emissions sensing for gap, dressing and crash detect and vector oscillation grind.

The model designation of this miniature machine is the Bryant RU1, which stands for Revelations operating system, “universal” capabilities and “1” for the machine size. This designation makes the newest machine an integral part of the new Bryant Grind Systems family that offers a range of sizes for totally universal, multi-surface machine tools to process a wide range of complex, precision workpieces.

Eugene P. Supernor, vice president of operations, says “There are hundreds of old Bryant Model B’s still working long hours in American and foreign bearing companies. The older Bryant’s have extremely small effective work zone due to the short stroke of both axes. The new Bryant Miniature is ideal for medical, optical, fuel management and automotive applications due its range capacity. And, Bryant’s patented Revelations CNC operating system offers customers total flexibility, the simplicity of single screen operation and programming, and a guaranteed reduction in cycle times.”

The Bryant Miniature, as with all the larger Bryant models, features round hydrostatic guide ways with Bryant’s Hydra-Truc 360˚ bearing system which controls the slides within all degrees of freedom, Fanuc linear motors and glass scales with 0.00004" (1 μm) accuracy in the work zone. The configurable slides with the versatile Hydra-Truc allow total flexibility in the number and positioning of slides, with thermal compensation for slides and spindles. All Bryant Grind Systems machines are equipped with proven Bryant work heads, wheel heads, dressers and the patented Revelations CNC operating system software.

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