Metal Powder Society Names Fellows

APMI International, professional society for the powder metallurgy (PM) industry, has named Olle Grinder, consultant, PM technology AB, a...

Roger Lawcock

APMI International, professional society for the powder metallurgy (PM) industry, has named Olle Grinder, consultant, PM technology AB, and Roger Lawcock, director, product & process development, Stackpole International, to the 2013 Class of Fellows. They received the award during PowderMet2013—2013 International Conference on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials.

Grinder is a world-renowned powder metallurgist who has actively contributed to the advancement of PM technology in Europe, Asia and North America. He is a member of the International Liaison Committee of the International Journal of Powder Metallurgy and has written articles for the Journals. Consultants’ Corner. A member of APMI for over 27 years, and possessing over 43 years of PM experience, Grinder has published 60 reports in international journals or conference proceedings. He has made unparalleled contribution in fully dense PM technology, and is one of the leading experts on the subject of hot isostatic pressing. A recipient of a PhD in metallurgy and material science from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, in 1977, he has made significant contributions in the sintering of high alloys, including tool steels, stainless steels, and cemented carbides. He is author/coauthor of four patents, with two directly related to PM, and has been a lecturer at the Royal Institute of Technology for over 25 years.

Lawcock is one of the pioneers of the roll-densification process for gears, converting numerous gears from wrought to PM. A member of APMI for nearly 20 years, Lawcock has promoted the advancement of PM as a science by disseminating and exchanging in formation through his many publication efforts. He received the MPIF Howard I. Sanderow Outstanding Technical Paper Award as the outstanding technical paper at the 2005 annual conference, as well as the SAE Arch T. Colwell Award for significant contribution to literature. He received the MPIF Distinguished Service to Powder Metallurgy award in 2013. Lawcock received his MSc in metallurgy from the University of Manchester, UK, in 1987. During his over 30 years in PM, he has focused on high-volume, high-performance automotive applications based on lean alloys, high-temperature sintering, and improvements to core and surface density. And he has been instrumental during the material and design development phases of several award-winning components.

Established in 1998, the Fellow Award recognizes APMI members for their significant contributions to the society and high level of expertise in the technology of powder metallurgy, practice, or business of the PM industry. Fellows are elected through their professional, technical and scientific achievements, continuing professional growth and development, mentoring/outreach, and contributions to APMI International committees.

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