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The inventor of continuous generating gear grinding, Reishauer AG of Wallisellen, Switzerland will be demonstrating the RZ 260, the machi...

RZ 260

The inventor of continuous generating gear grinding, Reishauer AG of Wallisellen, Switzerland will be demonstrating the RZ 260, the machine that sets the standard for gear grinding machines in this size range. The concept is based on the RZ 150 series with several hundred machines installed in plants worldwide. The RZ 260 has not only been increased in size, all relevant components have been adapted to handle higher loads and forces which occur when grinding larger gears. Gears with an outside diameter of 260 mm and modules up to 5 mm can be ground with highest reliability in the well-known Reishauer quality.

An important focus in the design of the machine concept was adaptability to the different production requirements of numerous customers. The machine can be fitted with one or two work spindles. The version with two work spindles is used to minimize the loading times – as introduced with the Reishauer RZ 150. When investment and tooling costs must be minimized and or the workpiece handling times are not critical, the RZ 260 with a single work spindle might be a more suitable choice. When grinding gears with space limitations or small lot sizes it might be advantageous to use the changeable Profile Grinding Spindle enabling the use of a small plated or dressable wheel to grind gears with the discontinuous profile method.  Both versions of the RZ 260 can be equipped with a fixed or CNC-controlled axis for swiveling the dressing tool. With this option, the flexibility of the dressing tools can be increased since the same tool can be used for a range of gears as compared to the fixed dresser where the tools are usually workpiece specific.

Like all Reishauer gear grinding machines, the RZ 260 has been developed exclusively without compromises for the high demands of the continuous generating gear grinding process, also known as the Reishauer style. All design characteristics that lead to the success of other Reishauer machines have been incorporated in the RZ 260. This includes the Reishauer Generating Module for highest gear quality, Reishauer LNS Low Noise Shifting technology for very low gear noise emissions, Reishauer Twist Control Grinding technology to create defined values for flank twist and the Reishauer HMI for fast change over and set-up times.

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