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Stand C04, Hall 12. The highest chip volumes, maximum reliability and minimized piece-piece-part costs are the topics which Heller will b...


Stand C04, Hall 12. The highest chip volumes, maximum reliability and minimized piece-piece-part costs are the topics which Heller will be foregrounding at this year's EMO 2013 from September 16-21. More machines than ever underscore the aim to further intensify the link to real-world practice in Hannover and present “Made by Heller” end-to-end productivity. The absolute highlights includes the new H 4500 4-axis machining center as an affordable all-rounder in the HSK A 100 range and the new RFK 10 for external milling of “light-duty” crankshafts. Heller's trade fair presence will be topped off with the product portfolio of Heller Services and presentations by Wenzler, a partner for machining highly complex structure components. Additionally, Fastems will be exhibiting Heller's performance-oriented machining center model H 2000 linked to a pallet container model FPC 750.

With the H 4500 4-axis machining center, Heller will for the first time be presenting a machine concept at EMO 2013 designed for robust processes which, as an entry-level HSK A 100 device, offers an affordable solution for limited space. Reliable, productive – even at limits – the machine impresses with its high degree of precision. Two spindle versions with 242 Nm, 38 kW and 10,000 rpm or 500 Nm, 52 kW and 12,500 rpm are available for this machining centre. Two versions which cover practically all machining strategies. With the selectable performance data, the H 4500 not only provides high milling power but also offers flexibility for a broad range of applications from the machining of light metals to heavy-duty cutting.

Heller is supplementing the concept of the RFK series for flexible production of crankshafts with the RFK 10. The RFK for external milling of “light duty” crankshafts will be presented for the first time at EMO 2013 in Hannover.  After resoundingly positive experience with the RFK 15 and RFK 30, it is now also possible to achieve considerably improved efficiency in the external milling of 3 and 4 cylinder crankshafts with a length of up to 500 mm in the “light duty” automotive sector on the basis of the proven modular system and applying the same philosophy.

Heller will be presenting highly productive five-axis technology featuring a double Z-axis drive with the latest generation of the FP 4000. With 5-axis simultaneous milling and in particular during production of sculptured surfaces, the machining center ideally satisfies requirements relating to dimensional and contouring accuracy while maintaining excellent efficiency. Equipped with a swivel-head unit, a pallet changer and based on the proven H series, Heller is here focusing on uncompromising productivity. With a workpiece load of up to 1,400 kg and the generous work area (800 mm in X and Y axes, 1,000 mm in Z direction), the FP 4000 is a machine which might have been tailored for almost any industry, e.g. tool and mould manufacturing or job order production, especially given the company’s position at the forefront of universality and flexibility.

Shrinking batch sizes with larger varieties of parts and rising competitive pressure are increasingly leading to the demand for complete machining. If possible, a machining center in the 5-axis machining range should also integrate milling and turning operations. Heller is more than meeting these demands with the CP 8000 5-axis milling and turning center, promising highly productive machining with efficient cutting parameters. The CP 8000, however, also marks an entry into new terrain regarding dimensions. The work area measures 1,250 mm x 1,200 mm x 1,400 mm (X, Y, Z), for pallet sizes of 800 mm x 800 mm. This enables milling of workpieces with a maximum loading capacity of 2,000 kg, a diameter of up to 1,250 mm and a maximum height of 1,400 mm in one set-up, and a reliable and highly productive turning process.

At EMO 2013, Heller will be revealing how an automation solution can help to increase productivity and thus economical production with the flexible FPC 750 pallet container as the smallest FMS from Fastems in conjunction with the H 2000 4-axis machining center with pallet changer. The Fastems rack system with parallel slides features a maximum of 12 pallet locations over two levels and up to two loading stations for workpiece supply. As a result, the H 2000 with its high performance capabilities and the required precision thanks to a dynamically stiff, short design of the spindle units and maximum rigidity in the drive train, from light metal machining to heavy-duty cutting, for changing batch sizes and a wide variety of workpiece types and materials, forms a successful duo with the flexible FPC 750 pallet container from Fastems.

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