Gear Expo Preview: Sandvik Coromant Booth 335

Sandvik Coromant will focus on the ongoing shift in gear manufacturing technology during Gear Expo 2013, Sept. 17-19 in Indianapolis. For...


Sandvik Coromant will focus on the ongoing shift in gear manufacturing technology during Gear Expo 2013, Sept. 17-19 in Indianapolis. For an operation that has been reasonably consistent for about a century, there have been a lot of exciting technological advancements in recent years. Whether you’re running a traditional, dedicated machine for large batches, doing smaller, one-off batches and prototypes on your multitask machine, or anything in between, stop by booth 335 to check out the next generation of gear milling solutions.

One focus area will be CoroMill 176, an innovative indexable insert cutter for productive gear wheel hobbing. CoroMill 176 is a more cost-efficient alternative to regrindable high speed steel (HSS) hobs and is designed for gears in the module range 3 to 10. Its ability to reach higher cutting speeds combined with user-friendly insert changing will reduce cycle times to a fraction versus high speed steel tooling, making it the high productivity gear milling choice for large volume gear facilities.

The new CoroMill 172 full form disc cutter is another area of emphasis. It offers a versatile and timesaving solution for milling of high-quality gear profiles, splines and racks. Thanks to the new indexable carbide insert technology and a powerful iLock interface, the component can be machined in flexible non-dedicated machines, such as multi-task machines and machining centers, as well as in hobbing and gashing machines. This makes the CoroMill 172 a truly flexible choice that has application on a wide array of operations and has shown particular value in the production of splines.

And the InvoMilling (patent pending) process is a unique approach to milling spur and helical gears using indexable insert cutters. InvoMilling opens up new, cost-efficient ways to produce geared components without dedicated hobbing machines. Since complete components can now be machined with just one set-up in a single 5-axis machine, overall production lead-times can be reduced dramatically as waiting for expensive hob cutters is not required.  One InvoMilling cutter is capable of producing multiple module or DP sizes. Also, eliminating a hobbing operation dramatically shortens the value stream and overall work in process. And the new generation of indexable carbide insert gear cutters will increase cutting data and lower the cost per machined gear wheel.

Sandvik Coromant’s comprehensive line of gear milling application solutions, from hobs with indexable inserts to roughing cutters and disc cutters, provides the flexibility your shop requires to cover the changing needs of the day.​​

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