International Conference on Gears 2013

Garching, Germany. This conference is a broad platform for equipment manufacturers and producers and researchers of gear and transmission systems to present new solutions and their latest research results. Supported by national and international associations the conference will show, what the transmission and drivetrain industry can contribute to increase energy efficiency. Gears are vital in the efficiency of different applications. They transmit and vary torque between prime movers and applications. There is still room for improvement, which will be demonstrated by the presenters. New concepts for drivetrains of energy supply systems provide answers to the increasing demand for energy worldwide. These concepts must be introduced to global markets more quickly. Therefore, new designs are necessary and will be presented at the conference. Four simultaneous tracks with 32 sessions and more than 124 speakers will discuss gear and transmission design analysis, research results, manufacturing technologies, materials and influences of surfaces and new testing methods. This conference provides a forum for all experts who are working in the field of gear technology to exchange experience and ideas.

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