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Stand J22, Hall 3. Hainbuch presents a jaw module that is small, flexible, that can be quickly changed, and covers a large clamping range...


Stand J22, Hall 3. Hainbuch presents a jaw module that is small, flexible, that can be quickly changed, and covers a large clamping range. And best of all: Together the two partners, Spanntop chuck and jaw module, do not just result in a jaw chuck, they become a quick change clamping solution for all situations. Mandrels and clamping heads can also be used in the basic unit. The new jaw module completes the circle and gives a new clamping dimension that opens up even more possibilities for users. All this with less weight and a smaller interference contour and the usual Hainbuch accuracy. In short: The 3 in 1 combination - I.D. clamping, O.D. clamping, and jaw clamping.

A great little idea at the time this is how VW advertised the introduction of the Lupo, and the statement is also quite appropriate for the new jaw module. The Hainbuch solution, consisting of a chuck and a jaw module, has nothing in common with the large, heavy, energy sapping big jaws that can be found in many machine shops; where their size is more of an obstacle than an advantage. These heavy chucks put load on the machine spindle and are slow to accelerate and decelerate losing time and using energy.

This takes longer for the part to be produced and hence makes it more expensive and also wears the machine bearings out quicker. This is squandering of energy and piece rate time in its purest form. Naturally these are costs that today no one can afford or want to pay. Lets assume that someone purchases a lathe/milling machine with spindle taper DIN A2-6 65 mm bar capacity, here the workpiece range is usually diameter of 10 to 200 mm. To cover that range a machine with a 215 jaw chuck is purchased.

However 80 percent of the components are in a clamping range of 100 mm and smaller. And here the dilemma arises that in practice you have to cope daily with: Large clamping device - small workpiece. It is difficult to get all of the tools in place, often the tools will not reach center line and often special tools are required with longer reach increasing vibration and losing accuracy, also there is a high risk of collision.

Hainbuch modular solutions make sense and they are just as capable of multitasking as are today's machine tools. The formula is simple: Small workpiece = small clamping solution. Using the new small jaw module, about 80 percent of usual components are covered, and for larger components it can be easily changed over to a large jaw module within 30 seconds.

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