Marposs Introduces Bluetooth Measurement Products

Marposs Corp. will introduce its Merlin gage computer-based embedded technology and M1 Wave electronic bore gage containing Bluetooth wireless technology.

The new Merlin compact computer is designed for use on measuring applications where up to 16 characteristics can be displayed in numeric or graphic format together with basic statistical analysis.

According to the company's press release, embedded technology with fan-less architecture and no moving parts assures the same level of reliability that is inherent in today's PDA devices.

The Merlin gage computer incorporates an 8.4" color LCD touch-screen display with an adjustable viewing angle fixed to a bench-top base. The unit can accept 16 sensors via USB or RS232 inputs or Bluetooth wireless technology. Data is retained in Flash Disk Media storage and can be transmitted via Ethernet LAN to local networks.

Marposs is also introducing the M1 Wave electronic bore gage with Bluetooth wireless technology, which eliminates the traditional cable for electronic bore gages and overcomes obstacles such as limited length and cable entanglement and breaking, leaving operators free to work without movement limitations in the measurement process. The electronic plug gage is connected directly to a special handle containing the wireless transmitter incorporating Bluetooth wireless technology and power supply using standard ?C? type batteries. At the press of a button, real-time measurement values are transmitted to the receiving electronic unit for immediate display and/or storage.

In addition, the bore gage provides guaranteed 0.5-micron repeatability over the measuring range of 3?300 mm in diameter. This product is suitable for use in harsh production environments.

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