Human Error Prevention Seminar

Charlotte, North Carolina. The principles and practices of human error prevention are universally applicable regardless of the type of industrial, commercial or governmental enterprise, and regardless of the type of function performed within the enterprise. This seminar is truly unique and up to date with the latest developments in human error prevention. Ben Marguglio's new taxonomy of human error causal factors and his human error-related models demonstrate his leadership in this subject. Examples and case studies amply reinforce the human error prevention principles and practices. Upon seminar completion, attendees will be able to: improve process productivity, safety and quality using new and unique techniques, tools and behaviors for error prevention, detection and mitigation; Address the four fields of focus – (1) hazards and barriers, (2) error-inducing conditions and counteracting behaviors, (3) non-conservative decisions and counteracting behaviors and (4) prevention of error recurrence; Design, implement, manage and assess a Human Error Prevention initiative.

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Ben Marguglio
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