Vomat Offers High Performance Filtration Technology

The decision for the right micro-filtration system in any metal processing operation is an important part of the manufacturing success. H...


The decision for the right micro-filtration system in any metal processing operation is an important part of the manufacturing success. High quality metalworking fluids and their optimal filtration are prerequisites for high product quality, efficiency, and trouble-free production. Vomat, the filtration specialist from Treuen Germany, is well known for their offerings of high-performance filter technology. The modular design of the FA-series allows for customer specified configurations of custom cooling concepts.

Micro filtration in tool grinding is definitely a worthwhile investment for the user. The cleaner the grinding oil remains the less often it needs to be replaced and thus saves a lot of money. Likewise, tool costs and machine downtime will be lower. Another benefit is increased surface quality of parts produced. Clean oil also saves energy, generates less waste and contributes to a favorable environmental footprint.

Stephen Hecht of the Vomat U.S. general agency in Elgin, Illinois states: "The decision on proper filtration and cooling has a major impact on the production costs of the finished products. Therefore, our systems are designed so that they enable manufacturers to achieve these cost advantages."

Vomat filters separate dirty and clean oil 100 percent. Another standalone feature of all Vomat filtration systems is the availability of clean oil (NAS 7-8) at the point of work, even during the on-demand backwash cycle of the filter elements. Vomat cleaned metal coolants will outlive any coolant cleaned with more conventional filtration systems.

Reliable continuous operation through state of the art cooled metal lubricants

In continuous micro-filtration mode, the metal lubricants are constantly cooled to preset temperatures. Vomat offers several types of cooling equipment to choose from. For the smaller Vomat units up to the FA 240 model, there is an integrated, easy to service AC compressor unit with its condenser mounted in the lift-up access hatch of the unit. The obtainable temperature accuracy is  +/- 0.2 K. Stephan Hecht: "Vomat’s constant temperature capabilities assure utmost accuracy while producing micro tools to extremely tight tolerances.”

Moreover, there are add-on modules with external condenser set-up. The cooling capacity with this type of unit ranges from 9 to 60 kW. Another option is a cold water-heat exchanger which can be operated with plant wide cold water cooling systems. If a machine requires drive or spindle cooling, there are modules available to satisfy those needs. Hecht: "Vomat systems are available as solutions for individual applications, as modular systems, or as whole plant central filtration systems. Due to their numerous advantages, Vomat filtration systems are powerful alternatives to previously used conventional filtration systems in the metalworking industry."

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