Heller Delivers Flexibly Configured Horizontal Machines

More machines than ever underscore the aim to respond to the user's operation, not only with options and automation, but increased energy efficiency. The new affordable Heller H 4500 4-axis machining center, a highly capable horizontal machine with Heller-produced HSK A 100 spindle (also available in sk/bt 50 taper) and a 500 x 630 mm pallet and 800 mm strokes in X, Y & Z aims to do just that.

With the H 4500, Heller introduced a machine designed for robust processes while providing an affordable, economical cutting solution for limited space. The machines are also designed for energy efficiency, capable of energy savings of up to 30% compared to conventional machine designs.

"The more universal and varied the machining assignment, the more important becomes adaptive power consumption of peripheral equipment and main units in order to optimize power use at various operating points," said Vincent Trampus, Heller vice president of sales. "Air, coolant, hydraulics, and other energy consumers are flexibly controlled based on demand rather than always on. This strategy is called Heller Blue."

Reliable, productive, the H 4500 delivers high degree of precision, due to the proven machine concept, the inherently rigid design of the machine bed, the double motor Z-axis, the dynamically stiff, short design of the spindle unit, and the water-cooled spindle housing.

"With our new 500 Nm, 52 kW, 12,500 rpm spindle option, the H4500 can provide the low-speed torque it takes for cutting tough materials like iron and steel as well as higher speeds for machining lighter alloys. There is no other machine in its market segment that offers this capability," said Trampus. With its machine design, Heller has also minimized positioning times. Instead of extremely high rapid traverse and acceleration rates, Heller focussed on realistic dynamic rates.

The H 4500 offers a wide range of basic equipment, so each machine can be customized for each user's application. This includes 50/100/150 pocket chain-type magazines for tool lengths of up to 600 mm, tool break monitoring with reference measurement and cleaning of the tool cartridges and holders. Workpiece management is equally flexible. The rotary pallet table has a maximum loading capacity of 1,400 kg.

Chip disposal is efficient. In particular, the H 4500 is designed for free chip fall below the spindle and between the rotary table and pallet changer, with steep chip chutes in the work area and at the loading station and with a 600 mm wide scraping or flat belt design chip conveyor over the complete Z-stroke.

To accommodate the end user, the machines are available with either Siemens Sinumerik 840D or Fanuc 31i-B CNC. Heller's industry exclusive NC controlled out-facing head option is available on the H 4500 for performing turning operations on the machine. A measuring probe for on-machine part checking, and instant tool breakage monitoring are also available. The machines, consistent with efficient cell operation, may be loaded with a robot or other automated loading systems.

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