PTG Offers Profile Management System

With technologies such as the Zenith 400 Rotor Grinding Center and the Holroyd TG Series of rotor grinding machines, Precision Technologies Group company, Holroyd Precision Limited, is a builder and supplier of high precision machine tools for the manufacture of ultra?precise helical components.

Through the development of the Holroyd Profile Management System (HPMS), a highly userfriendly and intuitive optional ‘desktop’ suite of profile management software, Holroyd Precision Limited now provides its customers and their designers with unrivalled opportunities for improving a profile’s machinability and reliability.

Intuitive manipulation and analysis of profiles

HPMS consists of a family of sub?programs that allow the manipulation and analysis of profiles for a number of Holroyd profile grinders. HPMS is used in the development and control of a wide range of helical profiles for screw rotors, vacuum and pump screws, as well as to assist control of the profile during production.

HPMS can be used to improve a profile’s machinability, to enhance its reliability during operation or to increase its efficiency ? by directly editing the gap between the male and female rotors (subject to various other design conditions). During the production cycle, HPMS can also be used to modify the shape of the cutting tool – regardless of whether this is a grinding wheel or a milling tool – based on actual profile measurements, to achieve as near as possible to a perfect profile.

Assessing profile machinability

The starting point for the HPMS system is a computer text file which defines a single flute on a male or female rotor or a screw in the transverse (or axial) plane, in terms of Cartesian coordinates and angles normal to the surface of the rotor. From this file, a number of investigations can then be carried out to assess the machinability of the profile, on either Holroyd thread grinders or Holroyd rotor millers.

If the profile fails to comply with any of the machinability checks, the HPMS software suite allows for manipulation of the files to correct the problems that have been identified. This could involve point insertion or deletion, or establishing a more favorable profile for machining, via form rotation. The Holroyd Profile Management System may also be used to assist in the control of the rotor profile during production. This is achieved by monitoring wheel or cutter wear and by making ‘SMART’ corrections to the profile.

Sub-programs include The Editor, The Cutter, The Clearance and The Update that allow the manipulation and analysis of profiles for the Holroyd TG50E, TG150E, TG350E, Zenith 400 and Cutter Management Center CS500E.

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