Vacuum Carburizing Symposium Registration Closes April 28th

Ford Motor Company Conference and Exposition Center, Dearborn, Michigan. The ALD Holcroft Vacuum Carburizing Symposium will feature two days of information and presentations by industry experts, with audience participation. The evening of May 6 will be highlighted by a private cocktail and dinner reception at a Ford light truck assembly facility. Guests will have plenty of networking opportunities and the chance to enjoy multimedia experiences along with private tour access to an actual Ford Motor Company assembly line in operation. Presentation topics will be announced in early 2014 and will cover highly specific and technical subjects relevant to the vacuum carburizing process, including recent innovations, best practices and the business of vacuum carburizing. Attendees will include process users, drivetrain and gear designers, bearing designers, fuel system engineers, manufacturing engineers, metallurgists and heat treat operators. The deadline for registration is April 28th.

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