Dontyne Offers Spiral Bevel Gear Design Tools

Dontyne Systems Gear Production Suite (GPS) Bevel Gear Module is not intended to replace Gleason and Klingelnberg designs for all applications, but provides an industry changing breakthrough in flexibility and enhanced capability for gear manufacturers.

Dontyne Systems Bevel Gear Module will enable design engineers to explore new markets, applications and innovative design possibilities thanks to the interface between increasingly powerful computing with the precision capabilities of new technology 5 axis machinery. The Bevel Gear Module has been primarily developed by Dontyne Systems co-director Dr. David Palmer; a widely published and reputable authority in gear engineering software. Manufacturers and users of multi-axis CNC machines have been eagerly awaiting software tools that enable gear designs other than Gleason and Klingelnberg to be "generically" designed and produced for a wide range of gear market applications.

•Straight, Spiral or Zerol Bevel Gears

•Eliminates need for dedicated machine

•Excellent short-run,specialist or prototype gear applications/markets

•Standard Level option for AGMA/ISO design and rating

•Advanced Level option enables Bevel/Spiral bevel and non-90 degree axis designs for 4 or 5 axis machines

•Advanced Level option allows export of surface data

•User friendly 3-D Graphics - gears roll checked to visualize correct gear pair conjugation

•Export co-ordinates in ASCII (x,y,z) format or DXF and IGES 3D grid forms

•Rapid measurement analysis and correction data loop with integrated Renishaw metrology

Future developments in 2014 include loaded tooth contact analysis, transmission error calculations and more.

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