Mitutoyo Announces Strato-Apex574 CMM

Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the new Strato-Apex574 Coordinate Measuring Machine to its Strato-Apex line of CMMs. This new configuration offers a more compact footprint while still offering the same state-of-the-art blend of high-speed operation and highly accurate measurement. The Strato-Apex574 is a compact bridge-type design featuring accuracy as low as 0.7 m. It utilizes a 0.05m resolution scale and temperature range of 18 to 22C (64.4 to 71.6F). This CMM is ideal for manufacturers who produce high precision small parts for industries such a medical, precision mold, and aerospace that require a smaller footprint for CMM inspection.

The Strato-Apex line offers high speed and accuracy in measurement that is ensured by a specially designed machine body that has improved rigidity of the structure, a precision guide mechanism, ultra-high precision crystallized glass scales with near-zero thermal expansion and the incorporation of newly developed compensation technology. A standard vibration-dampening unit is included as a standard accessory to round out this CMMs advanced capabilities. The Strato-Apex line features dual joysticks, air balanced Z-axis ram, precision air bearings on all axes, a USB, fully digital DC 32 bit Mitutoyo CNC CMM Digital Signal Processor controller with a PH10MQ quill mounted probe head featuring internal wiring. A wide range of inspections solutions including scanning probe, non-contact laser scanning, video, and surface roughness inspection can be added to ensure versatility that will satisfy almost any inspection need.

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