Walter Releases Prototex HP-P

Walter has unveiled its new Prototex HP-P, a high-performance tap that can handle the demands of large batch sizes and mass production. Targeted at steel applications from 600-1250 N/mm2 (175-300 HB), the three versions of Prototex HP-P feature HSS-E or HSS-E-PM substrates, TiCN or TiCNX coatings for heightened wear resistance, an optimized spiral point, and a through coolant design. Thanks to features like these the Prototex HP-P is able to deliver high tool life for a tap in steel (175-370 HB). This in turn results in reduced tool costs and, because of fewer tool changes, it also results in less machine downtime.

Walter supplies three different versions of the Prototex HP-P, each optimized for a particular set of applications. The Prototex HP-P (1) has a substrate of HSS-E-PM and a TiCN coating and is particularly effective in unstable conditions. HP-P (2) has an HSS-E substrate with a TiCNX coating and delivers high tool life under normal conditions. The HP-P (3) features an HSS-E-PM substrate and TiCNX coating and can deliver exceptional tool life under good conditions. The Prototex HP-P is currently available via quotation through Walter’s Specials Department.

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