Northfield Introduces Chuck with Stepped Top Jaws

The Northfield DPH1000W 10-inch diaphragm chuck is capable of locating and clamping two workpieces with different location datum. Due to production requirements, end user requested quick and accurate change over between the work piece numbers. The chuck was manufactured with special stepped top jaws that could locate and clamp both workpieces without changeover. For end to end location difference between the work pieces, the chuck was manufactured with a master axial locator incorporating a “button” style stop (illustrated in orange) used for changeover. With replacement of only the button stop, the changeover was quick, accurate and repeatable.

Northfield Precision Instrument designs and manufactures the world’s most accurate air chucks for any lathe, boring machine, grinder or VMC. Models include through-hole, high-speed and quick-change. Chucks are available in SAE or metric, in sizes from 3” (76 mm) to 18” (457 mm). Accuracies of 0.001” to 0.00001” (0.254 m) are guaranteed. Custom workholding chucks and jaws are available and free engineering assistance is offered.

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