Vomat Offers Temp Stability During Grinding

In order to produce high-performance cutting tools, tool manufacturers go to great lengths to get all manufacturing parameters right. Production conditions have tremendous influence on the final quality of the tool and can include air conditioned production halls, automated hardware, latest software for grinding, as well as automated testing and measurement equipment. An important prerequisite for producing consistent premium quality in large volume production is temperature-optimized filtration of coolants. Quality requirements for modern precision tools in the metalworking industry are very high: Maximum performance, long service life, and excellent surface quality, even in difficult to machine materials, are what today’s customer expect.

Stephan Hecht of Oelheld U.S., Inc., Vomat 's general agent in Elgin, Illinois: "Nowadays most tools are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances and the slightest deviation from a controlled manufacturing pass will have a negative impact on the finished product. Therefore, optimal production conditions with a coordinated system of all relevant factors are a prerequisite for consistently reproducible quality."

Optimally filtered coolants are an important part of the overall system in grinding and abrasive machining and allow tool manufacturers to economically provide their customers with tools of excellent surface quality and extreme concentricity. Whereby the following is of great importance: Cleaner and particle free metal lubricants ensure high quality production results and are able to remain in the filtration system for a long time.

Vomat provides solutions that have established themselves in the market as one of the leading technologies. Vomat fine filtration systems provide 100% separation of dirty and clean oil while providing full flow filtration by means of pre-coated filters. This is done on all their systems, from individual FA-series machines to the large capacity central ZFA systems. The achieved purity of the coolant amounts to NAS 7 (3-5 microns) Vomat’s modern cooling, filter, and disposal technology contribute to a company’s economic and environmental success.

"Stimulus words for every machine shop owner are fluctuating or extreme temperatures. Modern grinding systems are extremely sensitive and react to the slightest change in temperature," Hecht says.

Maintaining constant temperatures is one of the most important parameters when it comes to metal lubricants. With high or fluctuating temperatures, tolerances on precision parts cannot be guaranteed any longer.

"Minuscule temperature variations can have a negative impact on part quality, especially when it comes to micro tools," Hecht says. "Therefore Vomat has placed utmost importance on the development of accurate and precisely controlled cooling systems."

In continuous micro-filtration mode, the metal lubricants are constantly cooled to preset temperatures. Vomat offers several types of cooling equipment to choose from. For the smaller Vomat units up to the FA 240 model, there is an integrated, easy to service AC compressor unit with its condenser mounted in the lift-up access hatch of the unit. The obtainable temperature accuracy is +/- 0.2 K with an ambient room temperature of about 15° to 35° Celsius.

Moreover, there are free standing compressor cooling units with integrated condenser set-up for the Vomat FA 120 through FA 960 models. The cooling capacity with this type of unit ranges from 9 to 60 kW with an obtainable temperature accuracy of +/- 0.2 K (alternatively +/- 1.0 K) with an ambient room temperature of about 15° to 35° Celsius.

Another option is a cold water-heat exchanger which can be operated with plant wide cold water cooling systems. If a machine requires drive or spindle cooling, there are modules available to satisfy those needs.

"Tool Grinders employing state of the art technology can be assured of maximum quality and process reliability when they complement their set-up with a Vomat fine filtration system," Hecht adds.

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