SPV Spintec?s Automatic Deburring Machine Designed Especially for Gear Wheels

The new 68 2006 automatic deburring machine from SPV Spintec is designed for deburring of gear wheels, flanges and other circular symmetrical details.

The machine allows a variable setting angle in length, height and machining angular between the spindle and rotating table for machining various workpieces. Other features include six programmable pre-settings of machining time, a signal input for controlled start from robot manipulator, and a signal output for custom requirements as maneuver signals for pneumatic chucks.

According to the company's press release, the speed of rotation of the workpiece ranges from 1?15 rpm. The maximum weight of the workpiece is 12 kg.

Accessories include an enclosure in acrylic, pneumatic or servo gripping chuck. The deburring machine can be supplied with a maximum of four grinding spindles controlled by one or two frequency inverters for simultaneous or divided speeds.

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