RMGFS 2014

Boulder, CO. The Rocky Mountain Gear Finishing School (RMGFS) is the premier gear finishing school in the western United States. Kapp-Niles presents this multi-layered program designed to optimize learning and strengthen your understanding of gear finishing processes no matter what level you are at. The curriculum features sessions which are interconnected and lead each step to the next. Participants study the underlying principles and mechanics of different gear finishing processes, apply them through practical sessions on a Kapp-Niles machine, and take part in group workshops for more in-depth discussions. Kapp encourage attendees to bring applications to the school for small group, or one-on-one discussions. Presenters include Jim Buschy, Bill Miller, Dwight Smith, Paul Brazda, Michael Ruppert, Sascha Ungewiss, Thomas Schenk, Nidam Meharzi, Eric Dixon and Hans-Helmut Rauth.

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