R&P Metrology Announces RPC 700

R&P Metrology GmbH has announced the new RPC 700. The RPC 700 is a new, smaller development based on well?proven technologies, extend...


R&P Metrology GmbH has announced the new RPC 700. The RPC 700 is a new, smaller development based on well?proven technologies, extending the range of systems to meet customer requirements. It joins the RPC 1000 and the RPC 1600 in the R&P Metrology lineup of highly accurate systems capable of form, profile and generative gear inspection. The RPC 700 is designed for extremely accurate profile and form measurements on rotationally symmetrical workpieces, such as bearing rings and races, as well as demanding aerospace and cylindrical workpieces. According to Hans Rauth, president of R&P Metrology, “The RPC 700 is unique in the metrology world. This four axis machine utilizes the highly accurate air bearing, direct drive rotary table to measure form and profiles along with true generative gear measuring. The RPC 700 represents the perfect combination of metrological features.” Rauth added, “Our use of linear motor technologies and granite air bearing guide elements provide wear?free, consistent and thermally stable measurements.” All RPC systems are I++ compatible, allowing a variety of CMM software packages from various suppliers to be supported. A tailstock is offered as an option on the RPC 700. The RPC systems are now available in three standard sizes, with the RPC 700 able to accommodate workpieces up to 700 mm in diameter. The linear travels are X=600 mm, Y=700 mm and Z=500 mm. Parts up to 300 kg are accommodated on the rotary table. The larger RPC 1600 handles 1,600 mm parts and increases the X?axis travel to 900 mm. Hans Rauth notes that, “By understanding customer needs, R&P customizes these special machines.” The RPC 1000 is also available, with a maximum diameter of 1,000 mm. “Of course,” notes Rauth, “Nearly any custom and special requirements can be met.” R&P Metrology designs and builds gear metrology equipment, concentrating on medium and large parallel axis gears, bevel gears, tools, shafts, bearing rings and 3-D parts. Extended capacity requirements for large applications, and customizing are the specialty of R&P Metrology. R&P also offers hybrid systems that uniquely combine gear measurement with conventional CMM metrology as well as customized solutions for horizontal shaft (crankshaft) applications. All R&P machines utilize proven CNC control and analysis software and granite guideways with air bearing slides, a benchmark for the industry. State?of?the?art linear motors drive technologies are employed for accuracy and long life.

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