Schunk?s New Toolholder Designed for Low Interference Applications

The TRIBOS-RM from Schunk is designed for cutting speeds up to 50,000 rpm while offering run-out accuracy of less than three microns. The product is designed as a holder for applications where low interference is required.

The clamping principle of the family of toolholders is based on the elastic forces of material to clamp the tool shank. The clamping process can be finished in 30 seconds by means of a clamping device, either the manual SVP-2 or the automatic SVP-3, together with corresponding reduction inserts.

Run-out accuracy and repeatability of the toolholder is less than three microns. According to Schunk, due to the rotational symmetric design, a basic counterbalance of less than 4 g/mm is guaranteed. The TRIBOS toolholding family has no moveable components and a feed rate of up to 20 m/min.

The TRIBOS RM is available with interfaces HSK-E 25, HSK-E 32 and HSK-E 40. Cutting tools can be clamped down to a shank diameter of 3 mm.

For more information:

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