ANCA Pty. Invests $4 Million in Australia and Opens Thai Manufacturing Facility

ANCA Pty. will invest $4 million in Australia and officially opened its first overseas manufacturing facility, located in the Rayong province of Thailand.

According to the company's press release, these investments are part of a strategic plan to enable ANCA to continue its 30% year-on-year production growth rate.

The company is currently exporting more than 98% of production from its facilities located in the Melbourne suburb of Bayswater North. It has exported more than $500 million in the past six years.

The company plans to expand the more skilled technical operations in Australia while producing some of the less technical assemblies overseas.

?This will be a win-win for both Australia and Thailand and will allow ANCA to continue to increase production of finished machines in Australia to satisfy a growing global need,? says group general manager Linsey Siede.