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The Yama Seiki-Goodway GV-1 series vertical turning centers accomplish the demanding turning applications of today and tomorrow. GV-1 Ser...


The Yama Seiki-Goodway GV-1 series vertical turning centers accomplish the demanding turning applications of today and tomorrow. GV-1 Series includes two different models with live turret, GV-1200M and GV-1600M. With GV-1200M and GV-1600M’s maximum turning diameter up to 1,350 mm and 1,800 mm, maximum weight load up to 5,000 kg and 8,000 kg accordingly, and available live tooling spindle & CF-axis capabilities, turning, milling, contour milling and drilling applications may be completed in one single machine. These and other machines will be on display at IMTS 2014 at Booth S-9476.

The GV-1 series is built to endure years and years of rigorous high production turning; the heavily ribbed, thermally balance, high-rigidity bed and column are of Meehanite casting. It is capable of withstanding much greater stress without deforming, and it provides maximum vibration dampening.

By using Finite Element Methods (FEM), optimal reinforce ribbings are directly cast into the bed and column structure. Mechanical rigidity has been increased by more than 30% when compared to conventional designs. Yama Seiki-Goodway GV-1 series is capable of performing heavy-duty turning and maintains long-term super high-precision accuracy. More rigidity also means extended tool life. The contact surfaces of all slides, spindles, and ball screw bearing housings with the machine bed are precision hand scraped to provide maximum assembly precision, structural rigidity, and load distribution.

Additionally, the Yama Seiki-Goodway Swiss Type turning center SW machines provide solutions for workpieces with diameters smaller than 42 mm. Machines in the SW series include the SW-20 (20 mm max. machining diameter), the SW-32 (32 mm max. machining diameter) and the SW-42 (42 mm max. machining diameter). Additionally, the SW series machines are available with a sub-spindle, live tooling and a bar feeder. 

"The Yama Seiki-Goodway SW series offers more flexible operations such as turning, milling and cross drilling. With a different combination of power systems, main-spindle, sub-spindle, front-end tooling, rear-end tooling, C-axis and live tools, the work piece can be finished on the machine and this also allows two operations to be machined simultaneously." 

The Yama Seiki-Goodway SW Series features modular spindle construction. The spindle can be exchanged to be bush-type or bushless-type depending on different work requirements. The bushless design is suitable for machining cold-forged bar and the remaining bar can be less than 50mm to save material cost. The bush-type can be rotated with high speed for less surface damage and to increase working performance.

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