IMTS Preview: Star SU

Star SU LLC (Booth N-6924) will showcase the latest in linear motor technology offered by Star at IMTS 2014 in September. Engineered to m...

Samp G 250

Star SU LLC (Booth N-6924) will showcase the latest in linear motor technology offered by Star at IMTS 2014 in September. Engineered to manufacture complex cutting tools, the new Star NTG-4L tool and cutter grinder is a five axis, CNC controlled cutter grinder for manufacturing, sharpening and reconditioning a wide variety of cutting tools. The machine features include a mineral cast base for increased damping and thermal stability performance. All three axes are driven by linear motor technology, which eliminates almost all elasticity, backlash, friction effects, and drive chain vibration typically found in ball screw and belt driven designs. Both of the NTG rotary axes are have integrated torque motors for high and precise torques at optimal speeds. The machine is suitable for high mix, low volume jobs due to its quick setup and stability. For the high volume manufacturer, an optional robust automation package utilizes a Fanuc LR Mate robot allowing for an increase in productivity without sacrificing quality. 

The G 250 from Samputensili will also be featured at IMTS. The G 250 is a generating and profile grinding machine, designed for cylindrical gears with a maximum outside diameter of 250 mm and shafts with lengths up to 550 mm. The machine is based on the dual work spindle concept, which eliminates non-productive times almost completely. By means of this feature, the loading/unloading process of a workpiece is carried out in masked time, while simultaneously the manufacturing process proceeds on another workpiece. Unlike other applications, the gear meshing is conveniently carried out directly in the grinding position for better accuracy purposes and minimum changeover time.Indeed, only in this position the meshing can be achieved with micron-level accuracy. Therefore the G 250 represents a suitable solution for those customers who need very low cycle times and efficient mass production of gears.In the G 250 the minimum axis distance between worktable and grinding wheel is only 40 mm, and its grinding spindle can achieve 12.000 rpm. 

Due to the combination of these two unique features, the grinding process is also possible using profile/threaded grinding wheels with very small outside diameter, mounted on the main spindle. Workpieces with tool diameter limitations, for example shoulder-type gears, can be ground without any additional devices. Similarly, double and triple pinions with very small distances can be ground with the proper tooth-to-tooth alignment. An add-on optional spindle multiplier up to 24.000 rpm, with quick connection system to the main spindle, allows the use of electroplated CBN profile grinding wheels with outside diameter down to 25 mm. The grinding spindle with its specifically large tool capacity allows the use of long grinding worms to raise the tool life of single or combination worms of roughing and finishing tools employing electroplated CBN or ceramic bound grinding worms and wheels. Therefore customers can always rely on the most efficient technology or the most beneficial combination to complete their grinding task.  

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