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Cutting tool and tooling systems supplier Sandvik Coromant (Booth W-1500) has announced that leading CAD/CAM software companies Edgecam, ...


Cutting tool and tooling systems supplier Sandvik Coromant (Booth W-1500) has announced that leading CAD/CAM software companies Edgecam, Top Solid and GibbsCAM are integrating the Adveon Tool Library. Built into software, Adveon helps customers to further improve machining productivity and security, and saves time during machine setup. By reducing the engineer’s input, both consistency and quality of data are improved. Additional CAD/CAM companies are in the process of integrating Adveon as well.

The library has standardized methodology, designed specifically to facilitate quick and safe CAM programming. Adveon allows users to: develop their own tool library/database, select tools for production, overview and maintain the assortment, build tool assemblies quickly and safely, see immediate results in 2-D and 3-D models and instantly export to CAM or simulation software.

Adveon works with any tooling supplier that bases their catalog on the ISO 13399 standard, thus assuring the accuracy of geometrical information.

The advantages of Adveon are far reaching. The open catalog area allows drastic reduction of time spent on finding and defining cutting tools, which eliminates the need to search for information in catalogs or interpret data from one system to another. This in turn helps the manufacturer gain rapid access to the required cutting tool information in order to source the most suitable machining solution paired with the most efficient cutting tool selection. Through Adveon, users can select the tools used in their daily operations, maintain and amend the assortment and create their own tool libraries by copying and pasting from the catalog area. Virtual tools can be assembled in a fast and secure manner and data quickly exported for CAM programming and simulation.

According to CAM system suppliers, the automated input of cutting tool data to CNC systems can increase the productivity of a machining process by as much as 20 percent.

Klas Forsström president of Sandvik Coromant comments: “Pressure to reduce time from design to production combined with the ever-increasing complexity of tools makes rapid access to accurate and current tool data more critical than ever. Companies can no longer afford to rely on manual data entry and operators need a single tool library that can manage tools from multiple manufacturers. Adveon has been designed from the ‘ground up’ to address these challenges and we are pleased that the leading CAD/CAM companies have integrated the tool library system.”
Additionally, Sandvik Coromant will display its InvoMilling technology at IMTS as well as its patented Inveio technology featured in its newest inserts. Products featured include the CoroMill 172, Capto MACU, CoroCut QD SL, CoroDrill R846 and more.

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