Two-Piece Balanced Gear Clamps From Sterling Feature Balanced Design

A new series of two-piece clamps for retaining gears on shafts, introduced by Sterling Instrument, provide easy installation when neither end of the shaft is available to slide on the clamp. Designated as the Two-Piece Balanced Gear Clamps, catalog no. S3402Y-C225 to S3402Y-C236, the circular outer contours of the clamps also provide an effective way to avoid inducing vibrations in individual gears or gear assemblies.

The clamps are made of two separate sections held together by two supplied cap screws. They can be installed in the middle of a shaft without disturbing the end components, and can hold a gear by squeezing the split hub of the gear against the shaft. The clamps are capable of gripping the shaft without marring it, and their circular outer surface minimizes rotational imbalance.

Made of 303 stainless steel, or anodized 2024-T351 aluminum, the clamps are available in two widths, 0.156" and 0.250 "., for use on shafts ranging in diameter from .125" to .313". The two clamp diameters offered are 7/8" and 9/16". Availability is from stock.

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