Seco to Spotlight Latest Tools for Oil and Gas Applications at HOUSTEX

At HOUSTEX 2015 in booth 441, Seco Tools, LLC will highlight its latest threading, milling and turning cutting tools made to handle the m...

Pictured is the Seco Square T4-08 Assortment.

At HOUSTEX 2015 in booth 441, Seco Tools, LLC will highlight its latest threading, milling and turning cutting tools made to handle the machining requirements of the oil and gas industry.

The company’s applications experts will be available to help attendees find ways to optimize their production processes via these new tools. The show takes place Feb. 24-26 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston.



Designed to bring value to manufacturers producing pipes and couplings from a wide range of material hardnesses, Seco’s new Thread Chaser inserts provide the speed, reliability and accuracy needed to process special threads such as API and common licensed types. 

The Thread Chaser tool has inserts for both push and pull threading of ID features using multi-tooth patterns for fast single- or two-pass threading. The system’s multi-tooth inserts have precise thread patterns that generate high-accuracy thread pitches for industry-specific parts and pipe materials in a wide range of hardnesses.

Thread Chaser inserts increase productivity by generating the thread teeth, facing and taper at the same pitch as the thread type. The tools use a special substrate material and feature through-coolant holes and chip formers to direct high-pressure (up to 210 bar) coolant precisely to the cutting edges to optimize chip formation/evacuation and extend insert life. Inserts are available in push or pull and push/pull sets of one, two or three to accommodate various thread machine types.



Representing stability and value in square shoulder milling, Seco’s new Square T4-08 for roughing and semi-finishing operations features four cutting edges and an innovative tangential cutter design that brings good surface finish to slotting, contouring and plunging applications.  

The Square T4-08’s pocket seats combined with multi-edge inserts optimize cutting stability and allow for clean 90-degree walls. The inserts mount tangentially in the cutter so that the cutting forces impact the thickest parts of the inserts, allowing manufacturers within the oil and gas industry to achieve the required levels of strength for increased depths of cut with small diameters. The Square T4-08 also provides a smooth cutting action via positive rake angles with a variable lead angle on the cutting edge.

In addition to high metal removal rates, manufacturers will also benefit from the Square T4-08’s versatility. The tool comes in M08 and MD08 insert geometries and eight different insert grades. Various mounting types include Cylindrical, Weldon, Arbor and Combimaster. Cutting diameters range from 0.625" to 2.5", with a maximum cutting depth of 0.314". Corner radii ranges from 0.016" to 0.063".   



Designed for turning applications that involve titanium, superalloys and other challenging materials, Seco’s latest Jetstream Tooling Duo technology applies one or more additional coolant jets from a second direction. This removes heat from the cutting zone, allowing manufacturers to achieve higher cutting speeds, longer tool life, improved chip control and increased productivity overall.

Jetstream Tooling Duo technology precisely directs the upper coolant jet to the optimal point of the rake face, while the additional jet flushes the clearance surface. As a result, the cutting edge receives high-pressure coolant from two opposite directions – above and below – maximizing control of the chip flow as well as cooling the cutting zone. In fact, by adding the second coolant jet to its Jetstream Tooling product, Seco has made it possible for customers to increase tool life by an additional 10 percent as well as achieve better surface finishes.

The technology also includes an optional inducer to improve performance in roughing conditions where additional power is required on the chip side and in applications where chips tend to hit the inducer. This option is in addition to the standard mounted inducer for finishing and medium-roughing operations.

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