Implementing Lean in a High-Mix Low-Volume Shop

As a small manufacturer, do you want to implement lean manufacturing in your shop but don’t know the best approach? Are you afraid of making critical and costly mistakes and unsure of the right tools to use? If so, join the webinar, “Implementing Lean in a High-Mix Low-Volume Shop” on February 12 at 2 p.m.

Applying lean can be a challenge for any high-mix low-volume manufacturer, mostly because traditional tools were built for much larger companies. Today, however, there are tools and technology that empower even the smallest manufacturer to go lean.

After this webinar, you will learn how to embrace lean as a strategic business initiative and avoid critical mistakesSee a practical demo of how technology can help you easily visualize/map 100’s of different routings of parts produced in a machine shopSee how technology can be used to evaluate the overall material flow in your shop to complete orders faster and increase shop floor productivity.


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