William M. Davies Career and Technical High School Renews Machine Technology Program Accreditation

Keeping up with industry standards, William M. Davies Career and Technical High School has renewed the accreditation of its Machine Technology Program as of Dec. 10, 2014. 

This accreditation reaffirms the school’s pledge to uphold national industry metalworking standards as set forth by NIMS, further enabling the program to support the needs of students, the local community and employers within it, and to the metalworking industry at large.

The renewal review was kicked off in 2012 and culminated in an on-site evaluation occurring at the high school in fall 2014. The evaluation was conducted by NIMS Lead Evaluator Michael Tamasi.

“All of the staff and students in the Machine Technology program here at Davies are so excited to have passed such a milestone achievement,“ said instructor Briar Dacier. “We feel that we have a tremendous opportunity to train and mold today and tomorrow’s manufacturing workforce at a very high level with these NIMS standards in place. Being the only secondary education Machine Technology program in the state of Rhode Island as well as the only NIMS accredited training facility in the state, puts us in a position to set the standard in manufacturing education.“

The accreditation focuses on skills from the NIMS Machining Level I National Standard, with emphasis on manual milling skills and manual turning. Students also develop skills in CNC machining, quality assurance, CAD, CAM, and other advanced manufacturing systems.

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