Reishauer Now Offers In-house Produced Clamping Fixtures

Reishauer, a supplier for the hard-finishing of gears, has a new generation of grinding machines that produce at cycle times below 10 sec...

Pictured are Reishauer's clamping fixtures.

Reishauer, a supplier for the hard-finishing of gears, has a new generation of grinding machines that produce at cycle times below 10 seconds for automotive planetary gears. Because of this, clamping times had to be reduced to match the machine capability. Additionally, change-over accuracies of less than 0.003 mm deviation have to be held over long-term production cycles. In order to maintain such low cycle times, Reishauer began to manufacture it's own clamping fixtures in 2010.

Reishauer uses extremely resistant steel. This reduces the wear in the clamping area, increases the service life of the clamping fixture and, as a consequence, lowers the costs per workpiece.

Correct wall thickness, clamping pressure and piston diameter have a fundamental influence on the clamping process. These factors have to be analyzed and correctly matched to the specific gear part to be ground.

With the in-house fixture production, Reishauer now offers customers a single point of contact for all issues relating to the gear grinding process. Close cooperation between the different specialist departments ensures that the requirements of the machine tool, the tooling and clamping fixture are coordinated correctly.

Reishauer engineers establish the clamping clearance between the workpiece and the clamping tool diameter to suit the requirements of specific grinding tasks. be it for automatic loading in high volume production or for manual loading of smaller batch sizes. The choice of clamping system depends on manufacturing volume and desired flexibility.

The DH30 one-piece design, for example, is the most rigid option as it is fixed directly on the C-axis workpiece spindle. The modular system DH16 for medium-sized batches provides more flexibility combined with a robust design. This type of self-centering clamping fixture is mounted on a base unit, which in turn, is bolted directly on the workpiece spindle drive.

In the case of very small lot sizes, short set-up times are important. For this purpose, the quick-change system DH19 is best suited. 

After long-term continuous use, even the best clamping fixtures may show signs of wear. Reishauer offers to service its clamping fixtures. In-house inspection guarantees a consistently high level of quality and ensures continuity in the production process.

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