Sunnen Introduces SSH-1680 Honing System

Sunnen’s new SSH-1680 honing system makes the efficiency, accuracy and consistency of power-stroke honing, affordable to&...

Pictured is Sunnen's new SSH-1680

Sunnen’s new SSH-1680 honing system makes the efficiency, accuracy and consistency of power-stroke honing, affordable to shops looking to make better bores, faster, on a wide range of parts. The versatile hone features zero shutoff for automatic cycle control and consistent bore size, finish and geometry with minimal operator attention. Rough-and-finish honing capability eliminates preliminary reaming, boring and grinding operations to help lower per-part costs. The SSH-1680 makes quick work of parts with keyways, splines and blind bores. An adjustable spindle allows the operator to eliminate mandrel runout, making it easy to achieve precision bore geometry. Multiple land and tandem bores are bridged with Sunnen’s long stones, maintaining alignment and consistent size without camber or washout.

“This machine is designed for small shops looking for a cost-effective way to streamline processes and increase the consistency of bore sizing operations,” said Phil Hanna, product manager, Machines/Gages. “It is a ‘hone-of-all-trades’ and delivers a high ROI through increased productivity and part quality.”

The SSH-1680 provides fast, clean cuts in a wide variety of materials, and handles part lengths up to 9.84” (250 mm) with bore diameters from 0.118-2.36” (3-60 mm). “Diameters 1.57” (40 mm) and smaller are a particular ‘sweet spot’ for this machine, when compared to ID grinders,” added Hanna.

A rigid cast iron machine base provides strength for handling heavy parts and isolates moving components to eliminate vibration problems. The machine's robust design enables rapid stroking for shorter cycle times. Incrementally adjustable stroke rate (80-310 SPM) and spindle speed (250-2500 RPM) deliver fast stock removal rates. The spindle and stroker are both powered by variable frequency drives, eliminating drive belt changes and allowing dial-adjustment of speeds via the convenient swiveling control panel.

The SSH-1680 accepts all standard Sunnen tooling, including K, P20 and P28 mandrels. A universal honing fixture is standard, with a variety of workholding options available to securely fixture odd shapes and thin walled parts without distortion.

All electrical components are housed in an interlocked, side-mounted enclosure.

Standard equipment includes a universal honing fixture, parts tray, spindle runout indicator, side splash guards, and detachable 25-gallon (96-litre) coolant cart, which is mounted on casters for easy filling and maintenance.

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