Meghan Summers-West Named President of CNC Software

Meghan Summers-West was recently appointed president of CNC Software, Inc., the developer of Mastercam CAD/CAM programming...


Meghan Summers-West was recently appointed president of CNC Software, Inc., the developer of Mastercam CAD/CAM programming software for CNC machine tools. 

“As many people close to the Summers family know, this transition has been almost 32 years in the making," said former president, now chariman, Mark Summers. "My daughter Meghan was born the same year that my brothers and I officially launched Mastercam and established CNC Software, Inc. in 1983. As a father, I am proud. As a business owner, and to all of you who have contributed so much of yourselves to make this company successful, I am wholly confident in this decision. For the majority of you who have watched Meghan grow up in these offices and have been impressed by her warm and direct leadership style, her curiosity and willingness to learn, her product knowledge, and her overall intelligence, I know that you are certain, too, that the future of our flagship product Mastercam and our organization is in very capable hands.”

Summers also said that with the consolidation of many CAD/CAM companies, this decision represents a continuation of CNC Software’s dedication to Mastercam and to Mastercam’s global customer base. He emphasized that appointing Meghan also demonstrates that the company remains a private entity.  

“Today is two things," Summers-West said. "It’s an acknowledgement of all I have worked for and desired since I can remember. It’s also, more importantly, the beginning of the next 30-plus years for Mastercam and CNC Software. I am honored and excited to take on this role and to continue to work with the sincerest and smartest people in our industry – you and our dedicated and loyal worldwide reseller network and our bright, innovative customers.

“Mastercam plays a vital role in changing lives for the better. It’s used in all facets of industry, from helping to make life-saving medical devices for the human body to parts for planetary exploration, expanding our knowledge of the universe. Mastercam boosts personal and industrial productivity, supporting our global economy as a whole. Mastercam for educators and students helps train future machinists, engineers, and programmers – people who create, solve problems, and enjoy good incomes and satisfying careers. Mastercam touches almost every person in every place in some way.  We are changing the world, one feature at a time.  As such, my intention – with your valuable contributions – is to continue to evolve Mastercam by anticipating manufacturers’ and technology teachers’ needs and wants for decades to come.”

Summers-West has served as operations manager at CNC Software since 2009. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business at Bentley College, Massachusetts and an MBA in Management at Hawaii Pacific University. In 2014, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers named her one of the “30 Under 30 Future Leaders of Manufacturing.”  She serves on the Young Professionals Group for HVCC, the local food pantry and human services agency.  



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