It?s Back to School at Schafer Gear Works

Schafer Gear Works in South Bend, IN, is rewarding its employees with a financial incentive to participate in online gear-training courses sponsored by the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA).

The voluntary program offers remuneration to all employees who successfully complete any of the courses. The company believes that the training program?at the AGMA's expense?aids in providing a good foundation for the professional development of those pursuing a career in the gear industry.

?Anyone can talk about the need for experienced and educated workers,? said Stan Blenke, executive vice president of Schafer Gear and current AGMA board chairman. ?But at Schafer

Gear we're committed to improving our workforce through the resources that have been developed specifically for our industry. This training is an investment in our future, and I strongly encourage other companies to do the same.?