Stadtfeld Receives 'Distinguished Inventor of the Year Award'

Dr. Hermann J. Stadtfeld, vice president of bevel gear technology and R&D at Gleason Corporation, and a frequent, contributor to Gear...


Dr. Hermann J. Stadtfeld, vice president of bevel gear technology and R&D at Gleason Corporation, and a frequent, contributor to Gear Technology and Power Transmission Engineering magazines, was recently named a recipient of the annual RIPLA “Distinguished Inventor of the Year Award.”

New York-based RIPLA (Rochester Intellectual Property Law Association) began conferring the award in 1976 to those of particular merit in the local research community of the Rochester area. Former winners include: Ernest Wildhaber (gearing mechanisms); Robert Rose, William Bonnez and Richard Reichman (HIV vaccine); and Steve Sasson (digital camera). 

Although the award is given in recognition of a body of work, Stadtfeld, who possesses numerous patents, was particularly cited for “developing a process for manufacturing gears without the use of oil to cut the metal which saves energy and materials as well as making a safer work environment.” He was one of two winners announced from a group of 11 nominees celebrated at a June 4 banquet.

Stadtfeld’s name was put in nomination for the award by a fellow Gleason employee, Ronald Rietz. Joining him for the event were his wife, Hedy, Gleason CEO and President John Perrotti, Gleason patent agent Robert McDowell, and Gleason colleagues Markus Bolze, Uwe Gaiser and Rietz.

“Gleason is extremely proud of Dr. Stadtfeld’s award of Distinguished Inventor of the Year from the Rochester Intellectual Property Law Association (RIPLA),” said Al Finigan, Gleason director of marketing. “The contributions of Stadtfeld and the entire gear technology development team reinforce his position as a leading worldwide authority in the field of bevel gear theory and technology, but are also a key element in Gleason’s position as The Total Gear Solutions Provider.” 

Every technical paper of Stadtfeld’s that has appeared in Gear Technology or Power Transmission Engineering is available unabridged, at no charge, at  

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