Suhner Spiral Bevel Gears Offer High Power, Low Backlash and Low Noise

Each year, increased engine and motor power require more powerful  angle gear heads. Engineers in the tool-making and industrial hand too...

Suhner spiral bevel gears.

Each year, increased engine and motor power require more powerful angle gear heads. Engineers in the tool-making and industrial hand tools industries—as well as those in various other mechanical engineering fields—call for higher rotating speeds while smooth maintaining and easy movement of the tool. Smoother-running gears are also needed to combat dynamic noise. Apart from bearing and housing stiffness, the overall design and gear dimensions are essential for gear system optimization.

For these reasons, Suhner gears are cut using the Palloid and Cyclo-Palloid processes. Palloid-toothed gears are based on a technical development from straight-toothed to spiral-toothed bevel gears. Thereby the teeth are hobbed in a continuous procedure with a conical hob. The combination of this continuous process on a single thread tool leads to a very accurate pitch of the teeth.

Since Cyclo-Palloid gear hobbing meets and exceeds all high-quality manufacturing prerequisites, one-off, small and large lot size production can be achieved equally. Since the teeth are hobbed in a continuous process, the module (Mn) can be freely selected. Therefore, a very high flexibility for the gear dimensioning and bevel gear calculation is provided.

While both tooth systems have similar insensitivity characteristics for bearing, a high contact ratio as well as a very accurate pitch, the cost efficiency and the high load root radius of the Palloid system should have special mention.

A further development on the proven Cyclo-Palloid toothing (soft-cut) is the process known as “HPGS hard cut.” Through this cutting process, the thermal deformation caused from heat treatment will be eliminated with boron nitride coated blades. Therefore, the surface quality on the tooth flanks will reach grinding quality, according to DIN 3965, Part 3 (Quality 4 -6).

In combination with the material, the surface treatment and the adjustment of the required lubrication, spiral bevel gears are for sure one of the best solutions when it comes to redirect the maximum torque in other directions. All these can be achieved with small space and high mechanical efficiency.

Because of the sophisticated combination of the different spiral bevel gear angles, the circumferential force is divided in several components that can lead to significant axial forces. Therefore, gear design depends a lot on the bearings. The bearings have to absorb all the axial forces so the bevel gears do not move under load.

Any movement would affect the contact pattern of the teeth, which would result in edge wear that could destroy the entire gear. Just as important as the bearing is the stiffness and the geometrical accuracy of the case. All the advantages of spiral bevel gears can be had when gears are optimally positioned and perfect tooth contact is maintained.

When dimensioning the gear geometry, several criteria must be considered: required ratio, number of teeth and space/conditions. The criteria must be decided at the start of the engineering process. When the shaft angle ≠ 90° or the axis is offset, hypoid gears are required.

The Suhner Company, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014, has locations worldwide and over 650 well-trained employees. Suhner offers standardized transmission- and power transfer elements for many different applications. A wide selection of elements and devices in different sizes and versions are available. Gear sets are manufactured by high quality standards, guided by a thorough and critically developed value system, and delivered surprisingly quickly.

Suhner designs, manufactures and supplies in standard measurements to customer’s drawings. If you need further information, Suhner’s computer-assisted calculating method, technical support and/or a quotation for the drive solution you require, please contact Suhner today.

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