Iptex 2016

Industry experts say that Iptex is the ideal platform for the Gears and Power Transmission Equipment industry to showcase their capabilities. It offers great opportunities to network between global buyers and potential partners and peers. Designed to meet the growing need for excellence in all aspects of the gears and power transmission industry, Iptex -2016 is an important event for all relevant stakeholders, be it automobile, aerospace, or energy - manufacturers, buyers, partners, and consultants. There will be a focus on enhancing productivity, improving efficiency and cost effectiveness, increasing levels of quality and reliability, superior finishing, improving aesthetics and design, and sharing best practices and ideas. 

Iptex will provide a consistent channel of communication to the members of this industry to come together under one roof and participate in technical seminars, share knowledge and expertise with industry leaders and to be a part of discussion on policy codes, standards and challenges faced by the industry.

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